Now able to Submit since i ran out of resorces

Pixiv got scary after ppl attacked reposters

Can you post a manga call'capture guide to the British empire ' least I think that is what it is call

unfortunately there was only one tentacle related picture and i posted it separately

If i drew some tentacle pictures, would that help?

Sure o3o i might open up the feature that lets people post

looking for Doujins


Do you need help finding more pictures? You should advertise and hope people will help!

good idea cause now im getting cautious on Pixiv cause one of my friends got nailed for posting something

but the big problem is i advertise things and people ignore me like a disease

Follow Dump

I hold no interest in showing the fact i like hetalia anymore……but i’ll keep the blog… its just the other one that being changed



It seems right cause i feel really neglected on here

If i do this blogs going too….

I absolutely love your blog!!! If you could find Magical Healing UsUk I would be so grateful!!! Thanks anywho!

its on this blog somewhere…. but its not in english